Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Business as Usual (More or Less)

Summer is over. Business as usual will commence.

However, only if you address any of the following concerns on a weekly basis will you understand what usual means in my life:

  • I want my mommmmmyyyyyy!
  • I have to go to the bathroom!
  • I can't get my pants [please select one or more: on/off, up/down, buttoned/unbuttoned].
  • I had an accident. (A wet/messy accident.)
  • I want the [please select one: green, blue, purple, yellow, pink, polka dotted] one!
  • It's MY turn!
  • He/she took my [please select one: toy, book, pencil, marker, will to live].
  • Is it time to go home yet?
Those of you who work in an office setting are probably unfamiliar with the above situations. (I hope anyway.) But they're a part of business as usual in kindergarten land. Once again I'm jumping into the land of kids who look too small, only sort of know about being in school, and who yes, miss their mommies. (It's okay kids, sometimes I miss my mommy too.)

All of us deal with a myriad of issues in the work world. Even work-at-home folks have to preserve their sanity. So, let's make a deal. I'm going to list several Work Survival Techniques, and we'll all do our best to comply in our own way. What do you say?

Laugh daily. This won't be hard in my line of work. The kids ALWAYS learn what tickles my funny bone and they produce it regularly. It's a talent of little people. If you need a laugh, message me. I'll be saving up funnies for you.

Find time for yourself. I'm still trying to find time for that pedicure. One week to move into the classroom and set everything up makes the timeline really tight. But mark my words, I'll make time for pampering and M&M moments.

Enjoy what you do. Or find something else to do. This is probably the MOST important one. We've all worked grunt jobs. They take a toll on your well-being as well as your ego. Here's what I have to say about that: Get out. Move on and move up in the world. There is always something else you can do. (And yes, I did play Weekend Manager at Arby's myself for a year. But only for one!)

Keep making friends. Friends are what makes the grunt jobs and bad days in your chosen career bearable. I'm still missing my kindergarten team from my previous school. They made all the crazy liveable. But missing them won't stop me from connecting with the amazing people I'm rubbing elbows with now. I know that soon we will be each others' lifelines. I love that.

Carry on, my dears. And hey, if all else fails, leave me a comment and tell me about your horrible business as usual and how you cope. I promise to commiserate!


  1. This, in miniature, is very much like minding Little G ..though without the verbals, she only does single words atm. But yes, tinies are fun...and they make you laugh, and the love making you laugh, and for that short time you are with them, you are their entire world. It is a HUGE privilege to be involved in bringing them up. Little G goes to nursery 2 days a week, and I am so grateful to Shania, her key worker, who really likes her. You are doing one of the MOST important jobs in the world: helping to raise the next generation.

    1. What a beautiful sentiment, Carol! I understand deeply the responsibility and privilege I am given. And I count it as a blessing that I am allowed to work with adorable little people and introduce them to the world of education. Hopefully I do it well and set them safely and happily in the path. Thank you, Carol!