Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Unforgivable

Becoming acquainted with some seriously cool people has been a perk of establishing an online presence. However, for as many cool people as I've found, there have been a number of creeps, trolls, and truly clueless individuals. I get requests from them all the time. But there are people I can't, won't, and/or have no interest in following online and/or befriending in real life. For your entertainment and edification, I've described them below:
Look at me! Look at ME! LOOK AT ME! Did you miss the SOCIAL part of social media? When all you talk about is yourself, how do you expect anyone else to engage in the conversation? Maybe you just wanted a one-side conversation anyway. If so, then carry on, my dear! (By the way, If you haven't learned, let me spell it out for you: You are NOT the center of the universe.)
Buy my stuff! That's right, we're all on the internet with the express purpose of buying your book, acquiring your useless crap, and/or learning about your life-changing philosophy. Oh wait...that's the purpose of Google, Amazon, and Etsy. I must have confused social media with one of those online merchants. My bad. 
Celebs (or those that think they're celebs) Here's a hint my darlings: If you think you're too good for me, I have no problem agreeing with you. Moving along! Personally, I follow few celebrities online. Those I do follow have something to offer, usually in fabulous fan interaction. There are plenty of individuals on social media who act like celebrities and would love the hero worship dealt to celebrities. Good luck with that.
Ms. Cranky Pants (Also Mr. Whiny Pants) Did you just flip out, throw a hissy fit, and/or climb up on your high horse? Well, you just made yourself look like an idiot now, didn't you? (I might add that all of this judgment is coming from the girl who wears Doctor Who socks. So that should make you feel worse.) It's a public forum, sweetie. If you thought small towns were gossipy, just you wait.

We all have our moments when we act like divas and peddle our wares like a big-mouthed car salesman. It happens. But when our wits are about us, we ought to realize that all of life, including our online life is about CONNECTING. Meet, greet, chat, and be polite. When you begin to feel offended, take a deep breath. There's no reason to fly off the handle. If someone else is acting like a moron, there's no need to join the party. It's not as if you're face to face. After you've chewed on your words for a good while, consider sending them in a private message instead of a public post. Or unfollow, block, mute, or report the other party as inappropriate. Any of those actions mark you as a professional.

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    1. Thanks, Terry! The auto messengers of the day are really getting to me. That's right, I followed you so naturally I'm going to Amazon to buy your book. Because that's how it works, people? Or not. Thanks, my dear! (And yes, I do have your book. Because THAT works!)

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    1. It's better to just move along. There are so many great people out there that we don't have time to get caught up in their crazy games. Carry on, my friend!