Thursday, March 26, 2015

Marketing for One, Please

On the joys, stresses, and annoyances of marketing your own book while working full-time!
You can only do as well as you know how. I was a little better than clueless when this whole process started. However, I've been at this marketing fiasco for over a year and I'm more than happy to share what I know with you, my dears. Good luck!

Establish an online presence: Develop your message and establish a website that clearly expresses it. Then, share it. You don't need to be everywhere all the time, but commit time to sharing your message via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, tumblr, or however you are comfortable on a weekly basis. (Insider tip: you can set up an account on Networked Blogs that will automatically post to chosen targets whenever you publish new content on your blog or website. It's free!) 

Connect, connect, connect: Talk with people online (and not just about yourself or your books/product). Chat about things that are important. Share things that resonate with you or might inspire, instruct, or entertain others. Above all, share things that others post that are interesting to you. I scratch your back, you scratch mine absolutely applies in marketing. (Insider tip: my favorite days to interact on Twitter are during #MondayBlogs and Saturday #ArchiveDay. These folks are there to share and be shared! And they are very generous. I've also heard great things about Wednesday #wwwblogs and #SundayBlogShare, but I did mention that I have a day job, right? Check them out and find out what works for you.)

Meet Your Public: Plan authory events where you can interact with your fans and the general public. The main purpose will be to sell your product, but if you don't take the opportunity to spread on the charm and win them over, what's the point? In all your interactions (online and in person) be positive and genuine. People will be drawn to that. (Insider tip: Like mama always said, it never hurts to ask. And it really doesn't hurt to ask in a courteous way. You can ask friends, acquaintances, church-going pals, library connections, and work colleagues if they're interested in hosting a book signing, demo, presentation, or book club. You'd be surprised how many will say yes when you ask with a smile.)

Devote time and resources: It's not necessary to spend all of your time and money sharing your message. The goal is to make a profit while still holding down a day job, going out with friends, and keeping in contact with loved ones. Be wise. Budget your time as carefully as you do your money. (Insider tip: I prefer spending my money on pretty  shoes instead of marketing. I just thought you should know that.)

There you go! Nothing deep or complicated, just a little of what my marketing guru friend Raylynn Sleight calls common sense. (Actually she calls it something involving No and Sherlock, but you get the picture.) Here's her take on marketing: Marketing Made SimpleGood luck! Feel free to leave a comment and pass along your secrets of marketing success. Thanks, my dears!


  1. Just the topic I needed. Great post! I have my weaknesses and one of them is sure marketing. Several years running my different accounts online, and I'm still terrible at it.
    Luckily for me, you're here to share the finest tips and I love that!

    Thanks for sharing, I think I will definitely take a look at that auto sharing website thing, but the hashtag party is not for me, I think, because my main blog is written in my native language, not in English, so yeah. But maybe I should start a blog in English, at least it's a nice idea I've been thinking about very often but I don't really think I could run it alongside my main blog. And I agree, I shouldn't be everywhere online, because I know I have no capacity managing all those fancy things out there.

    I love reading your thoughts, keep the epic posts coming, dear!

    Ps: You just need to know that you are my HERO doing all this being a writing queen beside your full time job. I'm rather lazy, so you kind of motivate me, god bless your soul!

    1. Thanks, sweetie! I officially adore you. I'm still working on the marketing thing. But it's coming along. As well as the whole writing thing. But summer is almost here! Lots of love! Yahoo!

  2. I don't like those same-posts-on-all-sites things - because different sites need different expression, I think. I don't present a blog post on Facebook in the same way as I do on Twitter. Also, you can tell it's just an auto post - I hate it when I click on something only to find that I can't look at it because I'm not logged onto Facebook or Pinterest. I don't log onto all sites at the same time because it makes hackers' jobs easier. But I do get that people have limited time!!!!

    1. The site I use is a little nicer than that. It only auto posts the link and title. Then you can tailor it from there however you want. And hey, if I can manage to not make myself look like an idiot... :)
      Thanks for the comment, Terry!