Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wannabes Need Not Apply

Wannabe, aspiring, hopeful, etc. Blech! Why do we have a whole collection of words to describe the fact that we're not certain of our writing skills? Personally, I think it's counterproductive to cut the legs out from under our own abilities.  Since this is my blog and after 30+ years I have finally embraced the title of writer, I feel empowered enough to help others determine if they have what it takes to be writers.

Following is a simple quiz to weed out the wannabes from the writers.  Are you ready?  Great! Let's play:

Are You A Writer?
(wannabees need not apply)
Strangely enough, some children are genuinely passionate about writing.  These are the individuals who are so desperate to write that they will write anything, anywhere, and with whatever is on hand. For instance, one of my kindergartners brought me a love note written on a rolled out toilet paper tube. Now THAT is passion.
So, you ever made up your own stories?

This is a characteristic of mature writers who possess a broader world view. Through their writing, they share what they have learned as well as their ideas and opinions on matters they consider important.  Public speakers also engage in most of these activities, but if they don't put pen to paper--editorials, blog posts, etc.--I'm not counting them as writers. Sorry!
So, do you feel the need to comment on interesting events, natural phenomena, and other cool stuff?

Lastly, what about:
Fan fiction?
(Apparently three questions are all I can handle. Probably because I'm a writer and I'd rather be writing. But this is really pretty simple.)
If you answered yes to any, all, or some of the above questions:
In the immortal words of Loki, Ta-da! 
You're officially a writer! Do a happy dance! (Or, you know, go write something, which is probably what you were going to do anyway.)

Now that you have this important information, what will you do with it? You can hold it inside, like a beautiful secret, letting it blossom and grow as you expand your skills as a story weaver. Or, you may choose to share your gift with the world. Whatever you do, my best wishes go with you. Embrace your awesome, my friends.

For information on what I've done since I faced the fact that I'm a writer, look back at Embracing the Fangirl Within, Finding Myself in Literature, or There Are Weirdos For Everyone which details my journey out of denial and into a contract.  Happy writing and reading!


  1. I had forgotten about Loki's Ta-da moment. I actually based my villain off of his looks. Sarah, you have to read Master of Lies and picture Caedryn as Loki as tell me what you think.

    1. Will do, Lisa! Life is a tad upside down! But it's on my to-read list! And my kindle :) I officially love Loki & Mr. Hiddleston.