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Humor & Inspiration in Writing: Beating the Blaaaaahs

Not Mary Poppins...
Practically Perfect anyway!
Hello, faithful readers! Welcome to the final installment of the Humor &Inspiration Features. Over the course of several months, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried (ish), and we’ve learned together. I have loved sharing the stage with writers, bloggers, and authors and discovering what inspires, uplifts, and keeps them going.

But today I’m taking back the reins! That’s right, it’s my turn to talk about what keeps me from calling it quits, chucking my laptop off the balcony, and heading out bar hopping dressed like a nun. (I don’t have a nun costume. Will my trusty Mary Poppins get up do?)

In case you didn’t know, I’m an educator by trade and a writer just for the fun of it. I’m equally passionate about both careers. (Also chocolate and Chris Evans. But that’s another post...) I’ve spent 13 years in the classroom and have been a writer forever. Fairytales are a special weakness of mine. I read them, watch them, write them, and freak out when they’re done well. But enough backstory, on with the show!
* * * 
My life is a beautiful mess. I won’t be brave and wax on about how I LOVE everything about my life and I NEVER have meltdowns. Because I don’t. And I do. (Imagine the big, messy, snot-faced meltdowns that make your eyes feel like sandpaper. Yep, that happens.)

And guess what? It happens to all of us!
Even Britney...
Life isn’t easy for anyone. And certainly not for writers.

Because who likes rejection? Especially rejection piled on top of rejection? It’s definitely not the group of folks who claim to be more introverted than any other group on the planet. (Except maybe hermits.) Incidentally, it’s the same introverted group (not hermits) that’s expected to peddle their wares in person. Like at book launches, signings, books sales, and other author events. Where other people will be.
Anyone else see the flaw here?

I rectify the situation (and save my sanity) by Finding the Funny in life. Like a pearl in an oyster or a rainbow after a spring shower, it's always there. Like a kindergartner in an enormous mess he created himself.
Finding the Funny in Life, Love, & Whatnot

Look for the funny in your career. My job is hysterical, annoying, and uplifting all in the same five-minute period. My students are BRILLIANT at making me bust a gut. And yes, I can’t think about my pathetic life or problematic manuscript when children are being funny in my world. It just ain’t possible, my friends. (P.S. If your working life is completely tragic and regularly makes you feel like pitching yourself off the balcony, it’s time to choose another path. Be brave. You deserve the best.)
Actual shoes. Actual kindergartner. Good times.
 Look for the funny in your love life. I never date. (Seriously, I’m THIS awesome and still on the market.) It’s probably because I find men completely baffling. But man, I have some good stories because of my itty bitty love life (or lack thereof). I choose to laugh at the crazy things that have happened rather than blubbering over what hasn't happened. (And yes, those crazy things will find a home in my novels someday. Also, Oreos are a balm to my soul.)
Boys are weird. We like them anyway.
Look for the funny in your writing life. There are always funny things about being a writer. People treat you like a weirdo, or worse, once they hear you’re a writer, they give you the “oh, I should have known” look or the “I always knew there was something off about you” look. We can be offended or choose to turn our less than savory experiences into really good books and blog posts. 

And whether it’s intentional or not, every writer has penned something completely ludicrous while trying to be lyrical. Those gems, like “her eyes rolled to the ceiling” can really lighten up a bit o’ bland writing session. Laugh and then fix it, my friends. (Please, in the name of all that is holy, fix it before I'm forced to mock you!)
My sense of humor continues to save me in the writing world. 
Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself, my friends. (Also, don't be afraid to laugh at other people and the ridiculous situations they put themselves into. Just don't do it in front of them.) And yes, keep those laptop and mobile devices from becoming airborne. You'll need them to document all the funny you find.
* * *
Sarah E Boucher:
Author, Blogger, Educator
Sarah E. Boucher is obsessed with fiction, romance, and all things fairytale. Her first novel, Becoming Beauty is available at AmazonBarnes & NobleiTunes, or books & things. (And these days it's only $4.99 on Kindle!) 

Sarah's second novel, a twist on The Twelve Dancing Princesses, will be released later this year. 

Sarah can be found practically anywhere if you look hard enough!
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Thanks for reading my friends! It's been a pleasure to share the stage with so many gifted writers. And I plan to do it again soon. For the time being, my time will be sucked up with end-of-the-schoolyear doings and editing my second novel. Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes coverage of the self-publishing process (snippets of the photo shoot for my cover, editing gems, etc.).

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