Sunday, October 11, 2015

Finding Jesus

I have a philosophy about classroom chatter. It's permissible as long as the assignments are being completed. Also, it's good for my own entertainment. I present the following as evidence:

Finding Jesus
A conversation between five-year-olds

“Did you see Jesus' footprints?” a boy whispers loudly. His expression is a mixture of mischief and barely contained excitement.

I'm already holding in snorts of laughter. The teacher next door has set up some sort of alphabet game in the hallway with brown footprints laid out in a path.

“Maybe he's hiding!” a girl replies. “Let's play hide-and-seek with Jesus at recess! He's fast!”

I have to walk away to keep from bursting out and alerting the whole class to the situation. Nothing prevents everyone from hearing what the boy hollers out next.

“Baylee's found Jesus!”
Who knows? Maybe this is who she found...

* * *
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