Thursday, October 1, 2015

Authoring & Other Ventures

Overpriced parking and people dressed as anything under the sun (especially if it includes a corset). Also, Captain America and a number of his high-profile associates. Sounds like a really crazy dream, you might say. I say, Welcome to Comic Con!
I'm lucky to have a friend who volunteers at Comic Con, so I get the inside scoop (and free passes!). I've been to my share of these events. The difference is, I've always gone in the guise of fangirling, never as an author. And certainly not with other authors. 
Chilling behind a table and/or enticing potential readers to pick up your book isn't my usual Comic Con experience. (My usual experience included more hysterical yoo-hooing.) That being said, there's nothing cooler than chatting up Maleficent, finding out she loves fairytale retellings (in retrospect, I should've seen that coming), and passing along a signed copy of Becoming Beauty to her. Yep, I've officially hit the big time!
My marketing guru friend Raylynn Sleight always says that marketing plans need to feature a blend of traditional (i.e. face-to-face, feet-hit-the-pavement, real-life marketing) and social media marketing. In my experience, keeping a balance between the two keeps sales regular and author events fresh and exciting. (Plus sometimes you get to wear really cool tees!)
Really, is there anything cooler than engaging in tete-a-tetes with new readers? I'm going with No. Also, Comic Con is a brilliant place for character studies. Where else will you find lowered inhibitions, people playing out their deepest fantasies, and girls wearing fishnets as pants? Nowhere, man. At least nowhere I'd want to go.

For more on my adventures at Comic Con, follow the links embedded above! I promise to only fangirl a little...


  1. OMG I just bought a ticket to NerdCon 2015. I have never been to anything like, but my seventy-something girlfriend wanted to go because she loves John Scalzi. No corsets for me - I do not believe it is a corset occasion - but for completely unrelated reasons, I did dye my hair purple last night. I mean, seriously, Paula, change it up a little once in awhile! Wish me luck!

    1. Purple hair! I love it! Have a wonderful time geeking out, Paula! :)