Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Con

We shall call it research!
I've always been a fangirl. Even when I didn't know what a fangirl was. After establishing an online presence this year, I settled happily into my place among the Whovians, Sherlockians, and whatever you call the people addicted to Downton Abbey. Like Dorothy with her ruby slippers, I realized there's no place like home.

With panels featuring amazing actors and a convention full of colorful characters, it's the perfect setting for a kindergarten teacher to unwind and a writer to gather new ideas. (But yes, a character based on John Barrowman would be larger than life.)

Some words of wisdom from my first Con:
Do good things just to make the world a better place. (Stephen Amell)
Smile when you feel down and choose a happy life. (John Barrowman)
If you haven't found the part that's made for you, keep looking. (Stephen Amell)
People don't love you? Why should you care? (John Barrowman)

The overall message of the Con is clear:
Whatever your passion, let your geek flag proudly and loudly! 

And just to prove I take my own advice...
And yes, I can use the Con experience, the wisdom of talented artists, and my own fangirl passions to inspire future projects. Don't be surprised if a future character is a hunky bow and arrow toting hero. 
Yes, that is Stephen Amell. And yes, appreciating his smoking hot abs does count as research.
* * *
For more on my fangirl tendencies and/or using what you love to fuel your writing, try out Fan Fiction & Fairytales or Embracing the Fangirl Within.  I think you'll enjoy them!


  1. Sarah, I shouldn't try to read when I am tired. I thought you said Dorothy had rubber slippers. Oops! Should I send you a typo message??

  2. Your cousin Ruth was here this weekend for a family wedding. She mentioned how much she enjoys you. When you were a little girl you used to follow her around (of course, she was a pretty glamorous gal in high school). Finally, gathering your courage, (you were about 4 at the time) you would ask if she would fix your hair.
    Guess you HAVE always been a fan girl!

    1. That's pretty adorable! I'm sure I was cautious around big girls. They weren't part of my daily life back then. So they were always a novelty.

  3. My daughter wanted to go so bad, and so did I... but with school and all that :O

    I'm glad you had fun, it looks amazing and well, what can I say Stephen Amell *drools*

    1. He is super delicious, Claudia! It was crazy but so much fun! Glad I could go.