Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bend In The Road

Life is a tricky endeavor. Occasionally the way is smooth, sun-dappled, and edged with flowers. Other times the path twists and turns, hiding cockleburs, the occasional alligator-filled swamp, and most frightening all, the unknown. 

There are moments--call it moonlight madness or perfect clarity--when we bid farewell to the path of familiarity and brave the crocodiles. Standing on the cusp of that decision is exquisite and frightening. One considers what will be left behind and what dangers and adventures await around the bend
Follow your heart. Who knows where it may lead or what heartache and joy lies ahead. Only one thing is certain, it will grow you in ways you never imagined. With my book release, my self-perception changed. I have always been the Queen of Kindergarten (if you'd seen me you with a puppet and 25 enthralled youngsters, you'd be inclined to agree), but becoming a bonafide author changed more than just my Facebook status. 

Don't be afraid of change. It brings wonderful individuals and experiences into your life that you would not have known otherwise. Fingers crossed, hopes held high, and oh so many prayers sent heavenward, I am swapping out the public school setting for the charter school arena. I've never been more scared, excited, worried, and over-the-moon happy, at least not since the choice that brought me to kindergarten in the first place. 

Make your own happy. No path in life is always sunshine and roses, but you can to push through the storms until the sun shines again. I'm already mourning the friends, families, and community I'm leaving behind. But I can't allow myself to be swallowed up in what's behind and lose sight of the sunlight. Today I'm celebrating the friendships and successes I have known and making the most of the time I have left. With hugs, well-wishes, and friends cheering me on, I make my way around the bend. Soon enough, new friends and families will worm their way into my heart. 
* * *
The emotions related to overhauling my life will probably find a home in the next story, masked as the struggles of another character carving out a place in the world. Because writing from life is what we do. Thanks for all your kindness and support, my dears! The last year has beena peppered with bends in the road. To read more about them, follow the various links embedded in the post. And I'd love to hear about your adventures, leave me a comment! Here's to adventuring!


  1. Yep, agree with all this...... hate to die thinking...if only.....

    1. Yes! Sadly, I'm fully the girl who will run from change and eat a cookie instead. But when it comes, I suck it up and make the best if it. And eat a cookie.