Wednesday, May 6, 2015


As the Fresh Prince once said, my life was flip-turned upside down about six months ago.
I never planned to publish a book. I didn't believed my writing was good enough for the public eye, sometimes I still don't, but that has never stopped me from writing. I am extremely grateful for the friends who despite my many protests encouraged me to submit Becoming Beauty to publishers and the editor at Cedar Fort who had faith in it. Without them, Bella would still be mouldering away in my hard drive. (And she doesn't appreciate being ignored.)

Monday, May 11th marks the six-month-iversary of Becoming Beauty's release. Six months of Will people like it? Will people read it? and Will I ever write anything else? Hello, author panic attacks! Happily, both Becoming Beauty and I are still here and people really do like us! To celebrate the fact that we've made it this far, Cedar Fort and I are hosting a 99¢ sale for a limited time. From May 6-19 you can nab an ecopy of Becoming Beauty for less than a dollar! Wahoo! For those who haven't read it yet, (shame on you!) here's a snippet:

Claws.  Long, filthy, and dangerously sharp. 

They’re the first thing Bella sees after what's been the worst day of her life.  Careful not to alert her captor to her conscious state, she glances past the matted fur-covered arms and expanse of chest to the face. If something surrounded by tangled black rattails can be called a face. 

Perhaps if Bella were the quintessential Beauty—gorgeous, kindhearted, and self-sacrificing—she might have a fighting chance in transforming this monster into a man.   But she’s never been the toad-kissing kind.  Obsessed with landing a wealthy nobleman and escaping her humdrum life, she will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.  Which is precisely what landed her here, at the mercy of the Beast.

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If you'd like to learn more about Becoming Beauty, visit Goodreads or click here. Happy reading! 


  1. Happy Anniversary! I think we all have our doubts but don't let that stop you! Best of luck with the sale! 99 cents - who could resist! Certainly not me.

    1. That's what I love to hear! Thanks, Jan! Hope you enjoy it!