Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Writers Gonna Write

Possibly my favorite thing on the entire planet is when people call writing a hobby. Oh, wait. Flip that. 
Possibly my least favorite thing on the planet is when people call writing a hobby.  There. Now, we've got it.
Let's review.  Muses call at inconvenient moments (anytime I'm far away from my laptop), characters squabble for the limelight, scream loudly in your ears, and tend to misbehave at the most inopportune moments. And writer's block? It's just as much fun as it sounds. 
So, why do we do it? 
Here are some solid reasons that writers of all types do what they do:

  • There is a story to be told. Whether it's real, fiction, fantasy, historic, or contemporary, we all have stories that must be told.  They keep us up at night and push us through revision after revision until at last they resemble what we first imagined.
  • The process of writing is cathartic.  Time and again, writing has been recommended as a therapeutic measure.  Our ideas are clarified, our demons are exorcised, and our feelings are set forth in plain, easy-to-examine language.
  • The voices in your head need a mouthpiece.  Call it schizophrenia if you will, but characters bellowing out their demands like some sort of frantic hostage-taker need someone with the skill to express their thoughts. I mean, your thought.
  • Through writing, you share your sunshine, inspiration, and core beliefs with others.  Anyone who thinks they can write without injecting their works with any of the above is lying to themselves. However, sharing sunshine, faith, and inspiration uplifts others, makes them see life in a new way, and helps them understand that they are not alone--at least for the time it takes to reach the back cover.
  • There is magic in creating worlds, characters, and relationships. Writing is a high. Seeing the blank page turn into something interesting, inspiring, and entertaining is truly magical. 
Basically, writing is difficult and painful, but baby, writers gonna write. It's what we do.

So, the next time your creative family member, friend, or significant other says they're writing, don't roll your eyes, fell neglected and/or offended, or belittle their process. Just bring them a cookie, provide them with copious amounts of chocolate and/or caffeine, and let them have their space.  Don't worry, they'll come back to you when the voices fall silent.

For more writing tips, try Death by AutocorrectWannabes Need Not Apply, Captain Obvious, or Truth-Telling Fiction on for size. Thanks for reading and happy writing friends!

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  1. Totally. It makes me happy. I feel depressed when I can do it. That's all, really.

    1. Writing really takes over part of you, doesn't it? Unless I'm freaked out & crazy stressed, writing lends me peace of mind. Thanks, Terry!

  2. I like it when, on the days I have set aside to write, somebody says, "Are you not working today?". I love to write and feel lost on days when I can't, but believe me, when I'm writing, I'm working.

    1. Right? I'm pretty sure people think writing is just sitting down and scribbling something out. The process is never that easy. It is indeed WORK. That's why we expect to get paid for it! Thanks, Catherine!

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