Friday, July 11, 2014

Death by Autocorrect

It will be the ruin of us all...
Admit it, there have been plenty of times you've thought, THAT was genius! Only to return to the scene of the crime and realize autocorrect had stupidified your perfectly crafted sentence.  For writers, word craft is our bread and butter and there's nothing more frustrating than being bested by technology.  Pondering this topic brings Ellen's love of autocorrect fails comes to mind and her segment called Clumsy Thumbsy.
This of my Ellen favorites:
And this is just awesome:
As writers, we know what we want to say (most of the time) and it really doesn't help when know-it-all autocorrect comes along and fixes it. However, I reserve the right to blame things on autocorrect that it had no way of getting right.  
This is why we employ proofreaders and editors and try not to cringe when they point out our bonehead mistakes.  Like using the wrong your, you're, too, two, to, or there, their, and they're. Or just anytime autocorrect has no know idea what you're trying to say.
Let's make a pact, right here and right now! As writers, we understand the following:
  • We will make dumb mistakes.
  • We will accept when others correct our dumb mistakes (unless they are being plain old mean, in which case we will flambe them in literature).
  • We will learn from our past mistakes, remember to click the spellcheck button at the end, proofread our tweets and status updates before posting them, and attend more closely to the little details that would otherwise detract from our amazing works.
  • And if all else fails:
That's all, my lovelies!  Happy writing and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. lol Fabulous post - made me smile :)
    Some of the things that flow through my finger tips are way beyond auto corrects comprehension ;O)

    1. Seriously, Kimmie! It's a tool, like all others, and we have to keep out wits about us when we use it. Thanks for stopping in, love! 😘

  2. The woes of autoconnect...autocollect...whatever. ;)
    Great post and I agree, we do have to keep our wits about us.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)

    1. Thanks, Donna! It's important to keep on your toes...and forgive yourself for the inevitable mistakes we will make. Thanks for dropping by!