Monday, October 31, 2016

The I-Don't-Suck-As-A-Writer Moment

1. when writers read what they've written & don't die of shame.

I certainly hit the I-hate-my-manuscript phase with Becoming Beauty. So, I was surprised to reread my last version of Book Two and find it readable! That's encouraging! It's nice to know that even if there are issues, most of the large ones are resolved. Also, it's nice to know that I do not indeed suck as a writer!

When I get down, I try to remind myself of my experience with Becoming Beauty. Several unexpected things happened (even when I suspected I actually sucked as a writer).

Someone will quote you. It may sound dumb, but readers will have a favorite part of your book and they'll quote it online, on their blog, in a review. It may not be something you consider ultimately quotable, but yes, it will make you smile every time it happens

Someone will love your book. (And it won't just be your mother!) Complete strangers will give you 5 star reviews and sing the praises of your book. It seems weird before it happens and it seems weird when it happens, but it will happen. (Seriously. Lots of people loved Twilight!)

Someone will be impressed by the quality of your writing. Readers and reviewers will comment on themes and patterns in your writing you didn't put there intentionally. Who knows how it happens, but it does. (And it's awesome.)

Someone will find meaning in your book that will change the way they think. Be honest, special books have touched you, haven't they? And they affect how you view the world, write, and approach other books. Even if it's only in subtle ways. Trust me, it will happen with your books too.

Someone will utterly fall in love with your characters. (Okay...other than you.) Readers may threaten your life if so-and-so doesn't have a happy ending or events don't turn out as they expected. That's because they become invested in characters you created. We count that as a success!

I'm not brave enough to say that you'll be someone's favorite author. (Just writing that makes me want to cross my fingers, eyes, toes, and knock on wood at the same time!) But why couldn't it happen? Your favorite author was once just a writer who wasn't sure they didn't suck either. Someday, that could be you.

So  go ahead.
Embrace your awesomeness.
Admit that you're a writer. 
And quit thinking you suck.
* * *
Author's note: It's possible I've just penned this post so I will be brave enough to publish another book. But I love being your cheerleader as well! I'd love to hear how you survive the Writer Suck moments in your life. Or if you're still wallowing in one. 

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  1. Great post. I love it when I read my work back and think, 'Did I write that?' (in a good way) It's normally just one line or a sentence or two, but it spurs you on. The 'I'm useless' parts last far longer.

    1. That's the fun of being your own worst critic. But at least we realize we can do it! So we keep on and try not to let the failures block the path. Thanks for reading, Wendy!