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The Best Friend Love Story

Back when we dreamed of tiarasbetrothals, and overused italics, my friends and I imagined the boys who'd court us. My friends fancied broody, romantic types. I vowed to marry my best friend. 
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In literature and on the big screen, the Best Friend Love Story skips the awkward getting-to-know-you season (really, who wants that?) and drops the reader into the best friend relationship. It allows for witty dialogue, inside jokes, and shared experiences that wouldn't be plausible otherwise. It's the Monica and Chandler of relationships, where conversation is more like a tennis match.
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For me, the hook is the transformation of that friendship into a bonafide romance. Maybe the female sees his manly physique and brilliant mind in a new light. Maybe our hero realizes that date after date ends with him going home to her. As they recognize their true feelings and face the questions, “Will I lose him?” or “Will she hate me?”every hint of closeness, every thrown away word, and every casual caress is brought under inspection.

I love that! 

It's the push and pull between Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe. It's the tie binding Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester that threatens to snap with too much distance. It's the reason movies like Made of Honor and My Best Friend's Wedding are so much fun. And it's why Always Will is my new favorite book.
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Author Melanie Jacobson has a flair for creating relatable female leads. Until now, sassy Pepper Spicer was my favorite, with girl next door Lia Carswell as a close second. But conniving Hannah Becker takes the cake! She has all the sass of Pepper Spicer and depth not unlike Lia Carswell. Despite Hannah's attempts to squelch it, her attraction to her brother's best friend Will Hallerman has only grown. But he refuses to see her as the woman she has become. And he keeps giving her noogies. Blech.

Will Hallerman has finally had enough of the dating world. He's ready to find a wife and settle down. This announcement is catastrophic in Hannah Becker's world. After knowing Will her entire life and adoring him from afar since junior high school, she realizes her chance at love with him is in grave danger. 

Hannah's problem? To Will, she will never be more than his best friend's little sister. Determined to open his eyes to her charms, Hannah sets out to sabotage Will's wife hunt by placing nightmare dates in his path and taking his search on a wild goose chase. Her plan is risky, but she's willing to take a chance to catch the eye of her soul mate. (Source: Amazon)

See what I mean? Compelling stuff! I swayed between wanting to a) punch Will in the face or b) pin him to the wall and smooch him to pieces. Now if only I can find someone worth playing dirty for...

Never fear, dear readers, I'm on it!

If you'd like to learn more about Melanie Jacobson or any or her books, visit her on Amazon or Facebook, or click on any of the links embedded above to read my reviews and/or purchase her novels. Happy reading!

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Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to share your favorite Best Friend Romances below. I love to pick up something new! 

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