Wednesday, June 10, 2015

May is for Micro Shorts

Remember the post There Are Weirdos For Everyone? That's my Writing Group! For May (National Short Story Writing Month) we did Micro Short Stories at (250 words-ish). It was a challenge, but the girls brought forth such a wealth of humor and brilliance as we chatted, swapped stories, and slurped shakes at Johnny Rockets that I thought you'd enjoy their stories too. (If you don't laugh at least once, you haven't been paying attention.)

Denise Tolley
“Sit down, Joe.” Grant Cooper, Allentown’s chief of police, pulled out a rolling desk chair and motioned toward it.
The younger officer who was standing at a stiff backed yet unofficial attention, staring with unfocused eyes out the precinct window, started at the sound of his name and turned his head toward Chief Cooper.
“I can’t sit, sir.” Joe’s words came out in a rough whisper. “If I sit, I might not be able to stand again.”
Joe turned back to the window and resumed his rigid stance.
Chief Cooper let out a frustrated sigh. He walked over to Joe and put a hand on his shoulder.
“Son, you can’t change things. Choices were made that will cause heartache for many good officers for a long time to come.” He gave Joe’s shoulder a squeeze. “C’mon. You can do this. Have a seat.”
Joe took in a deep breath, held it, and then released it slowly.  He turned again and walked with the chief back to the long table that was centered in the room. 
The other officers seated at the table watched him expectantly. Waiting. Waiting for the clock to start again. His throat became tight and dry, even as a single bead of anxious sweat trickled slowly down his hairline. The pressure immense.
Joe dug deep inside himself for the confidence he knew was there.  He could do this.
He sat in his chair and gave a look of encouragement to the others. A nod to the spirit of police competition everywhere.
A bell sounded.
The clock resumed ticking.
It began again.
Within moments Joe emerged victorious and clich├ęd.
Precinct Donut Eating Champion.

The sound sat somewhere between a thump and a slap. I sat in my chair and tried to ignore it. The glow from my computer screen should have enticed me to finish the project I was working on--either that or check Facebook--but the thlapping kept getting louder.
I coughed and shifted in my seat. This never ended well. Maybe if I kept my eyes forward and looked intent, I wouldn't get dragged into the drama.
Not that I would have a choice.
I grimaced, realizing the cough would draw their attention. They had ears like a mother of four, and the pouncing skills of a hyper kitten.
Thlap. Thlap. The sound slowed. Thlap. I held my breath. I was around the corner, maybe if I didn't move or make a sound, they wouldn't notice me.
“Pick one of the others,” I urged in my mind.
I didn't even dare click my mouse. They could probably hear the laser moving.
Silence reigned behind me. I could practically feel everyone trying to be invisible.
Someone sniffed..
Thlap, thlap, thlap...
I let out the breath I had been holding.
“Hey, Brad, can you help me with something?”
I almost came out of my seat. How had one of them snuck up on me? They all wore flip flops.
I looked down and found Celeste's feet sporting warrior sandals.
Time to install some mirrors. 

Cindy Green
Randall had only gone for a leisurely walk that evening. The purple setting sun filled the sky with a deep green that beckoned to him. Troubles would wait until he returned home. Finding what looked like a ball of bright white light peeking through the branches of a bush hadn’t been on his agenda. In fact, he had no agenda other than to stroll about the neighborhood, but it certainly piqued his curiosity. He moved for a closer look.
His one coherent thought as he found himself falling through the light, which turned out to be a tiny opening between realities, was, “Oh, dear. I think I left the stove on.”
Landing in the new reality was abrupt. Randall had little time to consider his new situation when he was buffeted by strange sights and squealing noises. He trembled at the sound and thought it best to lie still without blinking and hoped it would go away.
Panic filled his frame as a strange, giant creature grasped him by each end and lifted him into the air. Twisting and turning him, it seemed to be examining all sides. Squealing again, he was shaken up and down before being carried to a strange chamber where his torture began.
Forcing open his mouth, the creature squeezed itself into him, encasing his body around its own. The pain was excruciating, causing him to pass out. When he awoke, he discovered he was again being carried and wondered anew at the strange sights.  
A chill passed over Randall when he saw the others. They were trapped on shiny bars, held there by strange devices. Their eyes showed no hope. A sign read, “Micro shorts.”

* * * 
Including six shorts, even at micro mini length, was a little much for one post. The other three are located in the post May's Shorty Short Shorts.  Check them out. At least one will get you laughing! If you're interested, all of us can be found on Facebook and half of us are on Twitter as well.  I hope you enjoyed them! Leave me a comment and tell me what you thought. I'll pass it along to the girls!

FYI: Cindy and Denise are sisters. Can you imagine what the family reunions are like? I'm going with hysterical.

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