Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Author On Vacation

On the airport shuttle a couple asked if anyone was headed anywhere amazing. My exuberant “Baltimore!”earned me some funny looks and chuckles, not to mention ribbing from the driver later. But when I've been to Maryland in the past it's meant trips to DC to see fireworks, historical sites, and everything all over the Mall, or poking into itty bitty adorable shops in Frederick, exploring cool pastoral scenes, and doing lots of laughing with my best friend Misty Pulsipher and her family. I'll be honest, I really just come for her. This year was more low-key, but we had a wonderful time together.
Hamming it up with the hooligans. Girls are dorks. Own it. I know I do! I laughed way too much with these silly girls, which was just what I needed.
Kissing cows. (It's a country girl thing.) My bestie is super obsessed with cows. And she does the duck face. A lot. It may be an indication of an actual medical condition.
Wine and paint! Even though we don't drink, we did get a little punchy. But don't cheese and grapes feel elegant, even when they're served with sparkling cider?
And celebrating Misty's birthday. Yep. We're fabulous. The cake was amazing (because my many skills include cake whispering). Chocolate Dr Pepper cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting is pretty fantastic. 

We may not have seen amazing historical sites or done anything flashy on this trip, but isn't being with cool people the best part of vacationing? My brain is already forming a game plan for Book Two (gotta get that puppy submitted!) and images, scenes, and character sketches for Book Three. That's what a good vacation does--get the juices flowing!

There will definitely be more adventures this summer. I'll keep you posted! By the way, here's a look as last year's adventures in California:
Sun, Surf, and Solace: roadtripping it to California!
Unexpected Sweetness: getting lost at Golden Gate Park.
It's Playtime: my obsession with live theater takes center stage! 

Gotta play, people. What are you doing this summer? Leave me a comment and tell me about it!


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous time - your collages are great! x

  2. Thanks, Kimmie! Just one more silly thing I enjoy doing! Happy summer! :)