Sunday, December 20, 2015

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

Sometimes I identify with the Grinch a little too well. Like when the Whos are making noise, noise, noise, noise, NOISE! Oh the joys of holidays crowds full of crazy-eyed individuals. There's nothing that can make me lose faith in humanity (i.e. make my heart shrink two sizes) than visiting Walmart in December.
There's plenty of nonsense, garbage, and despair in the world that can put me off the last can of Who Hash. But in the midst of all of the holiday madness, there are moments when I feel the spirit of the season. 

The excitement of little children. Giving anonymously to those in need. Delicious secrets and perfect surprises. Beautifully sung carols. Joyful Christmas music. Twinkle lights. The coziness of firelight. 

It's enough to make my heart grow three sizes.
Along with enduring holiday events (parties, dinners, etc.) and Christmas shopping, we must leave time to Find the Love. Fabulous books, holiday movies (anything from cheesy to inspiring), uplifting music, and conversations with friends and loved ones help me to feel the love and share it with others.

My Favorite Holiday Music: Jessica Simpson's Rejoice: The Christmas Album, Mannheim Steamroller's A Fresh Aire Christmas, Elvis Christmas, The Best of the Jackson Five: The Christmas Collection, Michael Buble's Christmas, and Glee Christmas (go ahead, pick one of the many Glee Christmas Albums, I have them all). Basically, I listen to holiday music religiously all December (and won't tolerate it before Thanksgiving or after December 25th.)

My Favorite Holiday Movies: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (obviously the cartoon is my favorite, but Jim Carrey is pretty amazing as well), The Muppet's Christmas Carol (it's the best Christmas Carol ever and all the brilliant lines come straight from Dickens), The Holiday (feel pathetic during the holidays with friends!), Twelve Dates of Christmas (feel-good RomCom that can be found on Netflix), A Christmas Story (do you really need a reason to watch it again?), White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Miracle on 34th Street (I prefer the original), and It's a Wonderful Life. So many awesome holiday movies to chase away the winter blues! I discover new (good and bad) ones every year! (But can you tell I love the classics?)

My Favorite Holiday Books: The Mischief of the Mistletoe by Lauren Willig, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson, Again, there are more, but these are the top three that I always come back to. Also, there's my little Christmas Short...

My Faith and Beliefs: Participating in service, teaching others, sharing my talents through music and the written word, and learning about the REAL reason for the season keep my heart centered during this special time of year. Religion has shaped who I am and brings true happiness to my life.
It is easy to become embittered toward the whole holiday season. But instead of letting our feet grow ice cold in the snow, we can embrace the beautiful spirit of the season and share the joy, laughter, and love with others who are struggling. And believe me, even single and in my late 30's, I find many reasons to be joyful and many souls to uplift with my laughter and love.

* * *
I'd love to hear about the holiday traditions that keep your heart centered this time of year. Leave me a comment below!


  1. I love the crib service up at the church on Christmas Eve, followed by the first family meal of the season, before all the fuss and mayhem of Christmas has really begun. You can keep all the rest. Happy Christmas, Sarah. :-)

    1. There are always the quiet traditions we appreciate the best, aren't there? Those are my favorites too. Thanks for dropping in!