Friday, February 6, 2015

Calling All Romantics

Valentine's Day. The holiday we singletons refer to as Single Awareness Day. And the one most marrieds consider just another Hallmark holiday. It's wonderful. It's fabulous. It's oh-so-much pink, red, plumpy hearts, and fat baby angels. If you're like me, it hasn't been fun since elementary school when you got a boatload of valentines and goodies from kids who barely liked you.

In an effort to make it AWESOME for everyone involved, the good folks at Cedar Fort and I are hosting another 99¢ sale on Becoming Beauty in ebook for Valentine's Day (February 7-14).
Why? Because Becoming Beauty is all about the romance:

“Bella,” he half-groaned against my lips, his nose still brushing mine, “how many times are you going to make me ask you to marry me before you give me a proper answer?” 

I chuckled, pulling away to take in the look of half-torture, half-pleasure painted across his features. “At least one more time. I couldn’t have you thinking I’m an easy sell.” 

He had the decency not to roll his eyes, instead allowing only a sigh of frustration to escape. He composed his face into seriousness again. “Bella, will you be my wife?” I closed the distance between us until only a breath separated us. I brushed his mouth with mine before I whispered, “Yes,” and once again pressed my lips to his.

For those with a special someone who loves romance, fairytales, or stories with heart and humor, it's the perfect gift. Becoming Beauty on is available on:
And for the bargain basement price of 99¢, it's the perfect price! (If it's for you, I won't tell!) Happy shopping!


  1. "Single Awareness Day" .... *sniggers*.... and Oh..Oh.. how comes I never got cards and boatloads from kids who barely liked me :o( ....Okay, I'm over it *winks* ;O)

    Great post Sarah! X

    1. Thanks, Kimmie! I only ever got them in the early years. And I've always hated those nasty chalky, candy hearts. Pretty sure I've never gotten anything since then. And certainly not from an actual BOY.