Saturday, November 29, 2014


It started very simply. My friend Jo said, When you get the first copies of your book, you have to take a picture. Everyone does it! And really, who am I to mess with tradition?
This was the Ooh, it's my book! selfie. I was somewhere between overwhelmingly excited and completely crazy.The fun thing about social media is that you can share special moments like this in the blink of an eye. And that's how the Becoming Beauty #BookSelfies were born!
I challenged my followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to post #BookSelfies with Becoming Beauty. I had no idea what would happen. Friends, new and old alike, began posting them! And pretty soon there were enough to do a collage. (And yes, those are my proud parents posting for their first ever duo selfie.)
Then there was my Book Launch and people wanted #BookSelfies with Becoming Beauty and its author. Can you tell I really put up a fight? Whatever. My hair was AWESOME that day.
During my blog tour, I got several more. That's the sister of an Instagram friend posing with a copy of Becoming Beauty on the upper right! How cool is that? And a sweetie pie on Twitter on the upper left (Thanks, Lydia!) who bought and reviewed my book on her own. (And yes, that's my bestie, Raylynn on the bottom. She really loves selfies. And marketing my book. Bless her heart.)
And of course, my littlest big fan. Her name is Cambree and she's more precious than words. And yes, she dressed to match my cover for my book signing.
And some of my oldest friends demanded a #BookSelfie when I dropped off a book to them the other day. When someone you know from your girlhood doesn't stop saying things like I'm so proud of you! Your book is amazing! and How did you do that? it makes your day. Actually, it makes your year.

The gist of my little social experiment is this: sharing love, magic, and happiness with others keeps us connected and keeps hope alive in the world.  That's always a good thing. So here's my challence: if you have read, are reading, or will soon read Becoming Beauty, snap a #BookSelfie and tag me! Just keep spreading the good will!

P.S. Are hashtags irritating? Maybe. Do they work? Definitely! Jump on the train, my friends!

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