Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Underdog

Why do we root for the underdog?  Time and time again our hearts become tied up in his battle for a better world. But why?
Essentially, we are all flawed characters acting out our own stories, none of which would be classed as fairytales. I know, because my story is something like this:  Since youth I've battled a negative self-image which still causes me to doubt myself in social situations (especially where men are concerned). Day after day, I refuse to let that keep me from stepping to the front of the classroom or sitting down at my laptop, because I believe I can change the world one naughty kindergartner or handcrafted romance at a time.  

It comes down to this: 
We are all the underdog and we all have a story to tell.
Captain America's is one of the best underdog stories ever created. Steve Rogers begins as nothing more than a boy who detests bullies. Battling his own demons--a lack of stature and a myriad of health problems--he's denied the chance to fight for what he believes is right.  But, when opportunity calls, like a true hero, he jumps to the front line without a moment's hesitation.

No wonder we love him.

(Okay, it doesn't hurt that Chris Evans is smokin' hot either, but my point is, hot or not, everyone has a story.)

A speaker I heard recently had some valuable points to make on the subject:
Storytellers shape history:  He who picks up his pen determines what future generations will know about the past.
The telling of the story reveals the people: Our perceptions and opinions about individuals, be they heroes or villains, are flavored by what storytellers have put in ink.

It's the same with each of us.  Real or fanciful, stories uplift, inspire, and comfort. They needn't be epic or grandiose. Like Steve Rogers, they may simply be the tale of one person standing for what they believe in and refusing to back down.

Someday when the world is crashing down, perhaps it will be our story--the one we have taken the time to share--that will strengthen others in their time of need.


  1. Great point. I love Captain America - the Winter Soldier is fantastic!

    1. Thanks, Greg! I do too...obviously! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Oh my. I miss so many hotties by not having television.

    1. Mostly, it's just a waste of time anyway, Paula. But once in a while there's something awesome and/or hunky ;)