Monday, January 20, 2014

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved stories.  (Perhaps having a daddy who knew how to work an audience and regularly read to his children had something to do with that.)  Books were her best friends.  They provided a place where the hand-me-down clothes she wore and the home haircuts didn't matter.  They opened doors to magical worlds she could never imagine having the money to visit. 

And let's not forget the Romance. 

To a little girl who was hardly looked at twice by boys, the idea of devoted swains falling at her feet and flirting school chums was titillating, to say the least. Beyond anything, she longed to be Ann-with-an-E and snub a devoted Gilbert, or Beauty transforming the Beast back into a handsome prince. 

Over the years, all that romance, joy, and friendship claimed a chunk of her soul.  Unable to resist the call, she picked up her pencil and played at creating her own fairystories (for fairytales had always captivated her).  And after years of playing the part of a "closet writer," she decided to own the fact that she was fully addicted to storytelling and her own personal brand of wit and sunshine was worth sharing with the rest of humanity.

Hi, I'm Sarah, and you've probably guessed this already, but this is my story. 

Welcome to my site.  Please, make yourself at home and stay as long as you'd like.  My greatest desire is to pass along a little corner of what it's taken me years to find: a place of happiness, humor, and acceptance.  I hope you come back often! I'll keep the fun, laughter, and fabulous deals coming your way!